Municipal elections

Municipal Elections 2021

Municipal elections are held to elect the councillors of the municipalities. Municipal elections are held every four years.

The next municipal elections will be held on April 18, 2021. If you wish to become a candidate, please fill out the electronic candidate application.

Who is eligible to stand as a candidate?

Eligible to stand as a candidate in municipal elections is a person:

  • whose municipality of residence the municipality in question is,
  • who is entitled to vote in municipal elections in some municipality, and
  • who is not without legal capacity.

Provisions on the restrictions on candidate eligibility are laid down in section 72 of the Local Government Act.

Electoral rights of foreign nationals in municipal elections of Finland

In municipal elections of Finland, entitled to vote are Finnish citizens who reach the age of 18 years on election day at the latest and reside in Finland. In addition, entitled to vote are:

  • citizens of other EU Member States, Iceland and Norway residing in Finland, under the same conditions as Finnish citizens; and
  • citizens of other states if they have resided continuously in Finland for at least two (2) years on the 51st day before election day, when the voting register for municipal elections is established.

No one needs to separately register to be entered in the voting register for municipal elections. Instead, the Digital and Population Data Services Agency compiles the register by virtue of office, based on the information entered in the Finnish Population Information System for each individual.

Instructions for the candidate

  • Once you have completed the electronic candidate application, it will be forwarded to the local department of the Christian Democratic Party in your municipality or district. The local department will contact you then. It is the local department that nominates municipal candidates.
  • After submitting your candidate application, a message will be sent to your email with the information (password etc) for you to update and complete your candidate information. Save that email until the election day. Use your official candidate photo in the application (can be added later on).
  • In addition to the candidate application, each municipal candidate must fill in a consent form, which must be signed by the candidate: Kuntavaalit2021_ehdokassuostumuslomake

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