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Here you can find information on who can join and what it means to be a member of the Christian Democrats. Find the application form in the end of the page or send us email: [email protected].


Who can be a member of a party?
Membership in the Finnish Christian Democrats (Suomen Kristillisdemokraatit rp.) is open to anyone who shares the principles expressed in the Christian Democratic party platform, and is not a member of any other party. Read our principles here.

As a member:
• You will be invited to the assemblies of your local party department as well as national events of the party. See also our public event calendar here.
• You can influence local and national policy-making though your local department.
• You will receive information via email and mail about upcoming party’s activities, as well as of the work of our members of parliament and representatives in the municipal councils. You can also join our members-only discussion platforms in social media.
• You will receive KD-lehti newspaper to your home (unfortunately it’s mainly in Finnish).
• The annual party membership fee is 35 euros. The annual fee for additional members of the same household is 15 euros. Membership is free of charge for anyone under 18 years of age.

More information from your local KD department or from the party office, tel. 09 3488 2200 or email: [email protected]

Who we are?
Christian Democrats in Finland (KD) is part of a wide and diverse world-wide Christian Democratic movement. We are a member of the European People’s Party (EPP). We maintain close co-operation with other Nordic Christian Democratic parties. Read more about EPP and other international co-operation here.

What we value?
Decision-making is always about values. Well-being cannot be built on material values alone. We Christian Democrats want to build a society that is rooted on the enduring Judeo-Christian values. Relationships, respect for others and moral standards are a foundation in any activity: from family life to the business world as well as political decision making, too.

We respect human dignity and want to work for common good and the well-being of everyone. We want to build a just and caring society with possibilities to progress and prosper. We defend the position of less advantaged citizens. We encourage entrepreneurship, as well as taking responsibility for family, neighborhoods, and the nature. We defend the right of everyone to express their opinions and beliefs freely.

Read more about our political priorities.

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