Let’s build a Finland in which everyone can trust

Finland is a good country to live. However, many things require repairing and reforms are needed. Reductions in social security have hit especially families with children and pensioners. There have been cuts in education as well. The birth rate is falling, and the number of unemployed and socially excluded are high. Eldercare does not function, and it takes too long to get a doctor’s appointment.

We want to build a Finland that is child-friendly and respectful of the elderly. We want to ensure that all work and entrepreneurship always pay off. We care for the environment and the vitality of our regions. Let’s build a Finland in which everyone can trust.

Defending families

We want to create a child-friendly society. We wish to direct services for families’ needs and support especially in children’s upbringing. Core services must be organized as local services close by citizens. Families should have the freedom to decide how to use paid parental leave.

We cherish family values that arise from Judeo-Christian value base and emphasize the importance of neighbor love.

Investing in entrepreneurship means growing economy

Work lays the foundation of our economy and well-being. New jobs are created mainly in small and medium-sized enterprises. We wish to lower the threshold for becoming an entrepreneur and improve especially the conditions for female entrepreneurship. There needs to be more flexibility in our labor market in order to improve employment opportunities. We wish to direct innovation and financial support for SMEs.

A safer society for each of us

A secure society can be created when we care from each other. No one should be left alone. We must invest in preventing social exclusion. To ensure safe ageing, we advance senior citizens’ functional capacity by giving adequate support, timely care and rehabilitation.

Finland’s security environment can be improved by strengthening the operational capacity of our Defense Forces. Adequate police and judicial capacity must also be ensured. We support defense cooperation with the Nordic countries, NATO and the EU and cooperation with the UN to safeguard peace.