Called to care

“Keeping Our Nation Together”

Priorities of the Christian Democrats in the 2021 Municipal Elections

Many of the decisions that affect our daily lives, for example, in healthcare, education, and transport – are made at the local level.

We Christian Democrats want to build communities where we look after one another, where there is help and high-quality care, where children can go to school safely and reach their full potential, and where culture and businesses thrive.

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Sari Essayah
Party leader, Christian Democrats

Priorities of the Christian Democrats in the 2021 Municipal Elections:

Children and families come first

  • Parents should have the right to choose the type of care they want for their children. No cuts to child home care allowance.
  • Services and support for families with children should be more easily accessible including affordable home help services.
  • Small group sizes in schools.
  • A hobby for every child. We promote low-cost and free activities

A thriving local economy

  • A good environment for companies is the foundation of a thriving local economy. Welfare cannot be built on debt. Let’s keep work profitable and taxation reasonable.
  • Services for entrepreneurs should be easily available. Starting a business should be easy.
  • Green growth and new jobs with better infrastructure and better public transport.

Let’s keep every child involved

  • Invest in education. Small teaching groups best ensure good learning and teachers’ well-being.
  • Stop bullying and school violence. It must be safe and fun to go to school.
  • Education begins with values. Our Christian cultural heritage should not be hidden.
  • Student welfare services must be maintained. Learning support must also be available at the upper secondary level.
  • Local education opportunities should also take in consideration the needs of the region’s business community.

Better local healthcare

  • Local healthcare and social services should be available in the whole country.
  • A wise municipality saves by investing in health promotion and well-being.
  • Mental health services and rehabilitation must be easily accessible.
  • Services for the elderly and disabled should be adjusted to their needs.

All generations in the same boat

  • Take care of the elderly! Good quality home help services for the elderly at reasonable cost.
  • Family members and other caregivers must not be left alone. Guarantee all necessary support and holidays for caregivers. The grant payed to the caregiver should be tax-free.
  • More choices for elderly care: e.g. community housing and family care. A place for the elderly should be found near relatives.

Sports and culture create well-being

  • Good facilities for sport and exercise that suit all generations, both for rehabilitation and for professional athletes. Let’s put local sports facilities in better shape!
  • More opportunities for hobbies and leisure. Defend our free and high-quality library services and support community colleges, art institutions and museums.

Sustainable and green cities

  • Everyone has the right to enjoy nature within walking distance. City planning must take care of preserving green areas and landscapes. This is the country of forests!
  • Public transport services and affordable prices must be secured throughout the country.
  • Good air quality in all public buildings is non-negotiable.
  • Develop circular economy, use of renewable energy and reducing waste.
  • Emphasize climate-friendliness and security of supply in local energy solutions.

Safety is a fundamental right

  • Let’s keep our roads and walkways safe in all seasons.
  • Tackle marginalization in its all forms! Invest in youth work and integration.
  • Address drug problems and crime.
  • Be prepared for crises. Keep contingency plans up to date.

Everyone has a role to play

  • Immigrants are a positive resource.
  • Every newcomer needs language training and vocational education.
  • Previous education and professional experience should be better recognized. Faster routes to complementary vocational training.
  • Employment is the best way to become a member of the society.
  • Civil society plays a big role in helping immigrants. Everyone should have a chance to understand Finnish culture, religion, and society.

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