Christian Democrats

Finland needs a change of direction

Finland has been led with a thought that difficult decisions can be postponed and loan can be taken endlessly. Despite of this, the services have not improved and the costs of ordinary living keep rising. Ideological projects have been pushed forward instead of taking care of real life issues. This does not make any sense, many citizen say. We think the same.

Politics need a voice of sense – Finland needs a change of direction. We are ready.


Vote to have a change of direction in Finland – choose a voice of sense

🟠 It does not make sense if one does not make a living by working.

Working must be profitable always. Taxes have to be cut, the prices for motoring reduced and labor markets and social security system reformed.

🟠 It does not make sense if one does not get care in a welfare state.

Tightening the criteria and setting a statutory elderly care quota do not work, if there is not enough money and workers. That is why the flaws of the social and health care reform have to be fixed now. You need to get care quickly enough. No amount of money is enough, if prevention is neglected.

🟠 It does not make sense to leave the elderly people neglected and to save money from the wellbeing of families.

Parents need to have other possibilities than to leave their child to an understaffed day care center. It does not make sense to save from children’s and families’ support and to save from education. Aging should not be scary in a welfare state.

🟠 It does not make sense to abandon our national food production and energy production.

National food and energy production are security issues. The markets have to be fixed and the producers have to get a fair share. Finnish homes need to be kept warm.

🟠 It does not make sense to abandon national ownership and sovereignty.

Finnish ownership needs to be increased. We need an environment where it is profitable to invest and to create new jobs.

It does not make sense to sell Finland to abroad. All the critical infrastructure needs to be in Finnish hands, and our national know-how has to be maintained.